In Swedish we have a saying, Det är inte vatten värt, which means it’s not worth water.

The value of water is higher than ever, yet we still can talk about it as if it has NO value.  We can no longer take the value of clean water for granted. We at Aqua Nobel want to sell our water responsibly. With our unique spring water from Mörarp as our home-base, we have developed different business areas in which our water and our packaging can serve different purposes.

We provide cafes, hotels, restaurants and events with a sustainable advantage. We also offer a smart solution for trains, flights and other types of transportation.

Our protected water source, long shelf life, pure spring water and stackable packaging are just some of the advantages that our products have when it comes to helping you stay prepared.

Consumers are looking for innovative brands that are both driving the change towards more sustainable consumption and producing high quality, healthy, and environmentally conscious alternatives .

Through our organisation and flexible production we are able to offer companies creative solutions that will help improve their sustainability report.


We are experiencing a new type of unrest and insecurity in our world today. But at the same time, we are more connected to each other now than we ever have been. The pandemic and most recent conflicts in the world have shown us how vulnerable our societies can be and have proven how quickly the world can change. We need to be prepared and plan for different types of crises and conflicts, and Aqua Nobel is ready to step up to the challenge.

We, at Aqua Nobel, see the importance of having access to clean drinking water, so we have developed a supply and readiness concept to address that need in our society. This concept involves providing water for emergency purposes in a cost-effective way. We provide water to regions, municipalities, government authorities as well as in public and private businesses.

Aqua Nobel is not only standing at the ready, we are already taking action. We are currently providing water for municipal operations in emergency services, healthcare, aviation and train transport.


We offer consumers a naturally mineralised, alkaline spring water that is packaged in a climate-smart carton. Aqua Nobel offers both all natural spring water (Nude 8.2) as well as a variety of flavoured, vitamin enriched spring waters.

Our all natural, still, spring water (Nude 8.2) comes directly from our source in Mörarp. Where as our vitamin enriched spring waters have been carefully crafted to find the perfect balance of delicious flavours, while still allowing for the pure taste of our unique spring water to shine through.


You may have already come in contact with our delicious, spring water. Maybe you’ve tried it on a night train on your way to the mountains, or seen it in a hotel room or a concert. We have seen a huge increase in demand from businesses who want to offer their customers high-quality spring water in sustainable packaging. We can offer flexible solutions based on our large scale production capacity in Mörarp Sweden. 


Through our organisation and flexible production we are able to offer companies creative solutions that will help improve their sustainability report

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